Supply Chain of Tomorrow – What Supply Chain Executives and Technology Providers Imagine of a Futuristic Supply Chain

Thanks to Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, we got to hear real thoughts and expectations of Supply Chain Industry Executives of what they perceive will be the Future of Supply Chain.I have highlighted the major points below:

  • More Seamless and Synchronized Supply Chain
  • More Collaborative and Connected Supply Chain
  • More Transparent with tighter and effective integration of all Upstream and Downstream partners
  • More Effective with Continuous Improvement in Lead times to counter the ever shrinking product life-cycle of products in market

But to achieve or realizing these visions one thing that is underlined by all is “Readiness for the changeand this encompasses all stakeholders(internal and external) to proficiently cater the rapidly evolving needs of customers.

Now some predictions related to technology mentioned by Technology Providers:

  • Internal and External Cross Collaboration enabled through cloud where externally partners can share executable information in real time and internally companies will become better equipped in faster decision making with seamless integration of disparate departments not only to share but also to analyze the different possibilities to achieve the best of strategy and plan.
  • Robots making leeway in manufacturing in a big way.
  • Digital Manufacturing(I really need to understand this term)

How Technology to be harnessed for Futuristic Supply Chain, the thoughts are mentioned below:

  • Extracting the most of Data is the Elixir.Data is everywhere, to identify and distill the data for its most meaningful interpretation and sharing the same internally and externally to put it for execution is the key for a robust, agile, responsive and reliable Supply Chain.

Check out the links here for SupplyChainInsights Uploads on YouTube:

For more information about Supply Chain Insights’ 2014 Global Summit go to


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